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When Formosa Meets Formosa Science Express Delivery

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When Formosa Meets Formosa Science Express Delivery / With a commitment to sustainable development and dedication to society, Formosa Plastics Group and National Huwei University of Science and Technology jointly held a science fair in the science park. Formosa Plastics Group has long been concerned with local science education, and this event includes science challenges and factory tours. The science challenges were led by students from Formosa Plastics Group, Maichiao Junior High School, and Huwei Senior High School. The event was held at the Employee Activity Center and included twenty-four challenges. In addition to science principles that can be encountered in daily life, the event also addressed issues such as environmental sustainability and green energy. It is hoped that students can easily challenge themselves in science experiments and increase their knowledge, while also developing their thinking skills through practical applications.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production Goal 14: Life below water Goal 15: Life on land


Science for All、Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

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National Formosa University

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Adhering to the sustainable operation and dedication of the society, the third time the Formosa Plastics Enterprises and the National Tigerwei University of Science and Technology jointly organized a scientific park tour in the sea line in Yunlin, and pulled the event to Maiyu Park for the first time. Nearly 720 students from Changhua Coastal National High School participated. The students of each school will combine the resource advantages of Formosa Plastics Enterprises and Huwei University of Science and Technology. They are co -organized by Huwei High School and Maiyu Middle School. The combination of different units makes the content of the activity more approachable in addition to their majors. Formosa -plastic enterprises have long paid attention to local scientific education. This activity includes scientific breakthrough activities and visits to the factory area. The plan is also held by the three school students. The activity is held in the employee activity center. There are 24 levels. In addition to the scientific principles that can be exposed in daily life, it also includes issues such as sustainable environment and green energy. It is expected that students can easily challenge scientific implementation in fun activities and increase the level of knowledge, and their thinking ability is more diverse due to implementation.nThis time, Formosa also took the students to visit the factory area. The students visited the Maiyu Park by bus to guide the students' chemical learning through the various factory equipment and environmental protection facilities seen by their own eyes. More extra -curricular knowledge.

Number of Participants720

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