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『Webinar Series on Global Sustainability ★ Ocean』Science & Marine and coastal management

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Event Date | 2022/11/22 Address |

Webinar Series on Global Sustainability - Ocean - Science & Marine and coastal management

There is an increasing awareness that science can be made more effective for management and decision-making if it is co-created (e.g. co-designed, co-produced, and co-delivered) with stakeholders and decision-makers. This co-creation requires bringing together people from diverse educational backgrounds, interests, disciplines, and economic and professional sectors. Furthermore, the process of co-creating ocean science is new to many scientists and stakeholders. There is a real need to share knowledge and experiences about what works and what does not. This requires connecting people from around the world who are actively involved in the co-creation of ocean and coastal science.

Connecting people across sectors, disciplines, experiences, languages, and cultures - not to mention 24 time zones, requires a new way of working and a new kind of network. The Ocean Knowledge Action Network is pursuing just such a network - called an Impact Network. In this talk, we will discuss how creating a bottom-up, global impact network to change the way knowledge is shared to help those that seek to co-create ocean science for marine and coastal management.

Dr. Linwood Pendleton (Executive Director at Ocean Knowledge Action Network‘s International Program Office)
Dr. Mike Elliott (Vice Chair of Future Earth Coast)
Host ▻ Dr. Hsiao-Chun (Jean) Tseng 曾筱君 (海洋大學海洋環境與生態研究所助理教授)

Date|22 November 2022
Time|15:00 - 16:40 pm (UTC+8)
Venue|Cisco Webex (meeting link will be sent after registration)
Find MORE|https://pse.is/4jnbd4

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 13: Climate action Goal 14: Life below water Goal 15: Life on land


Public Engagement、International Connections

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Future Earth Taipei

Taipei Hub

Ocean Working Group

ECR Working Group

Event Audience

ocean scientists & the general public


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The process of co-cacean science is New to Many Scientister and StakeHolders. TheRe is a real need to share knowledge and experienceWorks and What Does Not. This Requires Connecting People from Around the World Who Are Actively Involved in the Co- Creation of ocean and coastal science.nDr. Linwood and Dr. Elliott Have Shared Rich Knowledge About Marine Science, ManeGement as Well as the Related Challenges Worht Deeply Pondering Over.

Number of Participants35

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