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#Sustainable Pingtung Creator Science Popularization Activity Plan Series #1

Highlights Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/11/05 - 2022/11/06 Address | Pingtung

#Sustainable Pingtung Creator Science Popularization Activity Plan Series #1

The project aims to draw attention to the issue of invasive species in Pingtung, and to reflect on our attitudes and approach to land and underwater life. Through physical games, card games, and dialogue activities at the \2022 Taiwan Science Festival\ science fair, the project aims to lead the public in recognizing and reflecting on their own attitudes towards invasive species.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 14: Life below water Goal 15: Life on land


Science for All、Public Engagement

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National Pingtung University Department of Science Communication.

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Your students will be dumb? The parents who took their children to the stall to break through the level and said, "Everyone is seriously told to the child, very careful." There are also parents and teachers who are fascinated by teachers, and give the students a positive feedback on the scene. The conference has taken away the seal of the booth, and many stalls are sorting out the bag. Only our stalls and children and parents lined up. It sounds like to play. It's right. The science festival is popular in the science popularization market. The students participating today are members of the Animation Image Laboratory of the Department of Science Communication. In the early stage of planning, there are four groups participating in the creation and development. Each group of three people, the self -order development time, and we also use it through the development time. Participate in actual activities to perform reaction feedback measurements. The main R & D this time is Cheng En, Zixuan and Tingyu, and Tingyu, 宥, and Xin Yan are participating in service learning. She will take observation notes and on -site interviews. Looking at the social laboratory, you can collect real opinions as preparations for the next creation. Creation is not just connected to the media technology, but also connecting with feelings and social connections to create new links, unexpected links, impressive and moving links. Thank you for the stage and opportunities of the National Science Popularization Activity Plan, the Science Festival and the major halls for our students to get the most authentic and valuable feedback in the interaction and communication practice of the show. The situation is unable to teach the school. Only then will feel the specific experience and knowledge that you recognize.

Number of Participants3,000

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