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2022 Nobel Science Lecture of National Chung Cheng University's Talent Cultivation Science Lecture Series in the 111th academic year.

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Event Date | 2022/11/08 Address |

National Chung Cheng University has been organizing the Nobel Science Lectures for five consecutive years to enhance the education of basic science and implement talent cultivation. This year's \2022 Nobel Science Lectures\ will be held on November 8th at the International Conference Hall of the Grand Auditorium on campus. Professor Yong-Chuen Kao from the Department of Physics, Professor Chun-Min Fang from the Department of Chemistry at National Taiwan University, and Professor Dao-Heng Wang from the Institute of History and Philology at Academia Sinica are invited to provide a detailed analysis of the reasons for the 2022 Nobel Science Prize winners' achievements and their significant contributions to scientific research. The event is jointly organized by the Science Education Center and the General Education Center of the College of Science, and the Taiwan IYBSSD 2022 program of the National Science Council. Students and teachers from all levels of schools, as well as local residents, are welcome to participate in the 2022 Nobel Science Lectures at National Chung Cheng University on the afternoon of November 8th or watch the live stream online (URL: https://youtu.be/U8dess_DEp4).

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The "2022 Nobel Science Lecture" ended successfully at the National Chung Kyoga University. The lecture aims to strengthen basic scientific education and implement talent cultivation. On November 8th, the International Convention Hall of the Auditorium in the Holiday School was invited to give a lecture. And Professor Wang Dao, the Institute of History Language of the Central Research Institute.

The three speakers analyzed the reasons for the winners of the Nobel Prize in Science in 2022 and the major contributions to scientific research. Professor Gao talked about the winner of the physics award, and they made important contributions to the understanding of the black hole; Professor Fang introduced the winner of the chemical award, and they developed a new tool for gene editing; Her work is a monument to contemporary pain and courage.

The lecture was warmly responded by the audience, and the participants include teachers and students from schools at all levels and local residents. The activity provides participants with an excellent opportunity to understand cutting -edge scientific research and interact with outstanding scholars.

In short, the "Nobel Prize of Scientific Lecture in 2022" has achieved great success at National Chung Kyoga University. This activity not only provides valuable insights on the latest scientific research, but also helps to promote basic science education and cultivate scientific talents. We look forward to future activities that will continue to strengthen basic scientific education and promote scientific research.

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