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Event Date | 2022/11/30 - 2022/12/02 Address | Kaohsiung

Exploration is at the heart of science, and participating in scientific activities helps develop students' abilities in logical thinking, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. For different grade levels, different teaching content is planned, incorporating the application of scientific principles in daily life and lively experimental games. By demonstrating the fun of science, we hope to stimulate students' curiosity and motivation to try hands-on experiments, and to establish an understanding of scientific principles through the process of exploratory learning.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 10: Reduced inequality


Science for All、Science Cultivation

Type of event


Experimental Demonstrations


National Kaohsiung Normal University Science Education Center.

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Elementary school students.


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On November 30th (Wedth) to December 2nd (Fri), the Gao Normal University Science and Education Center came to Dashu Junior Middle School to conduct rich interesting scientific and creative activities.n11/30 ~ 12/1 Eighth grade scientific and creative activitiesnProfessor Li Jiaren, the Department of Physics, let students realize the characteristics of the "current magnetic effect" and the use of life in the physics department.nThe Department of Physics Zhou Jianhe lets students understand the three characteristics and observation experience of the polymer through interesting mini -games.nThe enzyme testing experiments brought by Professor Chen Jiancheng of the Department of Birth, let students know how to prepare lactose -free milk.n12/2 Seventh grade scientific and creative activitiesnProfessor Liao Lizhen of the Department of Story, through the anthocyanins experiment, allowed students to verify the characteristics of anthocyanins and produced their own unique bookmarks based on this.nProfessor Chen Yuqi of the Department of Story led the students to conduct an experiment of amylase effects to observe the color result of the enzyme response of amylase enzymes and the color of the iodine solution.

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