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No one understands quantum mechanics,\ said the famous physicist Richard Feynman. The mysterious and counterintuitive nature of quantum mechanics not only gives students headaches while studying physics, but also makes it one of the most popular science fiction themes in movies and TV shows.
Since no one \understands\ it, is it really possible to achieve quantum computing and quantum communication? The answer is yes. Even though scientists may not \understand\ it, they can still harness its properties and use them to their advantage.
In fact, quantum computers have already been developed! Want to know what the inside of a quantum computer looks like? Want to write code that a quantum computer can read? Join the one-day quantum scientist program and stay up to date with the hottest trends in quantum computing!

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National Central University College of Science Science Education Center

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Today is a one -year -old quantum scientist. The Central University Science and Education Center and the Department of Physics, the Department of Physics, the Department of Physics, the Department of Optoelectronics and the China Cultural University quantum computing and information research and development center, bringing a day of quantum cutting -edge scientific experience activities!nIn terms of sitting, it is better to do it. Teacher Cheng Sicheng not only explained how the quantum computer should write a program, but also took everyone's actual operation. The content of the debut in the afternoon is as rich. Teachers Chen Yongfu, Luan Yigang, and Chen Yanhong analyzed the latest development of quantum computers from different research areas.nIt turns out that the quantum computer is not so ethereal. We can also create a super -guide quantum "circuit", but this circuit is a special set of materials, and it is a micron level. It can be seen with a microscope! If you choose superconductors to make components, there is still the benefits of low power consumption! In the twice of the quantum revolution, our mobile phones and quantum computers have become reality, and help humans to handle huge tasks that cannot be cope with. At the end of the event, everyone also visited the laboratory of Teacher Chen Yanhong and Teacher Chen Yongfu! One with a dark room, a precision optical table, and a very sensitive single -optical receiver, and the other with a quantum superconducting chip with a tadpole. There are few opportunities to see the style of precision instruments, but it is a big opening!

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