Lotus effect.

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Event Date | 2023/04/07 Address | Changhua County Puyan Junior High School

At the beginning of the class, the teaching instructor introduces themselves and provides laboratory safety instructions. Then, practical activities are carried out, including: (1) Students observe different plant leaves and discuss the hydrophobicity of the front and back of the leaves. (2) The teacher explains the concept of contact angle, and students measure the contact angle of water droplets on the leaf surface as a quantitative analysis of leaf hydrophobicity. (3) Under the guidance of the teacher, students discuss how to apply the characteristics of biological hydrophobic surfaces to collect and utilize water from the air.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation


Science Cultivation

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Experimental Demonstrations


National Changhua University of Education Science Education Center

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Junior high school students


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Explanation of activity content and execution process

Activity name: Lotus Leaf effect

Activity content: In order to avoid water droplets, the leaves of the plant cause the germs to cause germs, so they have evolved various structures and maintain the dry leaves. Lotus leaves generate hydrophobic characteristics through its special surface nano structure. When the water droplets are dripped on the leaves, they will roll off quickly without staying on the leaves. Maintain the clean leaves and improve the efficiency of photosynthesis.

Execution process: Students observe the situation where water droplets are adsorbed on different types of leaves, and explore the reasons for hydrophilology of leaves. Measure the contact angle between water droplets and leaves. Compare the hydrophobic power of different types of leaves. Attach the burning charcoal grains to the bottom of the paper cup to simulate the nano structure on the surface of the lotus leaf to observe its hydrophobic characteristics. Create different charcoal granular adhesion patterns to guide the direction of water flow, and make imitation lotus leaf effects.

Activity results and benefit descriptions

Activity results: Puyan Junior High School is located in a township, and students are not as good as students in the city. Therefore, this course is mainly based on reality. During the operation, students learned how to discuss each other between the group, design experimental steps, conduct experiments, and discuss experimental results.

Reaching benefits: Students are very interested in learning content. This activity has reached the purpose of improving students' learning motivation and mutual assistance and cooperation.

Opinion return / other recommended matters

This course is smooth, and students think that the content of the course is vivid and interesting, and I have learned many new knowledge.

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