The IYBSSD drone science exhibition

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Event Date | 2023/04/29 Address | Taiwan

The IYBSSD drone science exhibition showcased the application and value of modern technology in sustainable development. Drones can fly in the air and perform tasks such as environmental monitoring, scientific research, and emergency rescue with high efficiency, speed, and precision. By combining practical needs, various environmental protection and disaster relief missions can be achieved. The focus of this drone exhibition was on the display of basic science, allowing simple symbols of basic science to leave a deep impression on the audience in the modern technology of drone exhibitions. The drone exhibition is also an important initiative in response to the \International Year of Science and Sustainable Development\ in Taiwan. The development of science and technology can provide important support and protection for sustainable development, and requires joint efforts from society to protect environmental resources, promote technological innovation, and achieve harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

【Cancelled due to weather regulations and airspace review factors.】

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Goal 3: Good health and well-being Goal 4: Quality education Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


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IYBSSD@Taiwan X Taipei Science Day event is a grand event aimed at promoting science, cultivating young talents, and promoting scientific and cultural exchanges. As a contractor, we have organized various activities in the event, including laboratory visits and interactive display, allowing participants to understand science, experience science, and interact with scientists through different ways.nIn terms of laboratory visits, we have organized multiple laboratory visits to give participants the opportunity to observe and experience scientific experiments at close range to understand the methods and processes of scientific research. Participants can enter the laboratory with the pace of scientists, listen to their introduction and dedication, and participate in experimental operations by themselves, and experience the fun and challenges of science.

In terms of interactive display, we have also organized multiple interactive display activities to allow participants to experience and learn scientific knowledge through interactive ways. We have set up multiple interactive display areas, including different fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, and earth science. Participants can deepen their understanding and understanding of science through interactive display of items, videos, and experiments.

Through these activities, we hope to guide participants into the scientific world, understand the power and value of science, and cultivate their scientific interests and speculation. The event was supported by participants. In addition, we also provide rich interactive experience activities, such as scientific experiments, workshops and exhibitions, allowing participants to experience and explore the fun and mysteries of science. These activities not only provide an interactive learning experience, but also allow participants to deeply understand the application and practice of science, as well as the future of the future.

Number of Participants5,000

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