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Scientific experiments are one of the important elements in SDGs Quality Education. Through hands-on activities such as practical experiments and observations, students can explore and understand scientific knowledge, develop scientific thinking, and problem-solving skills. This helps students acquire practical scientific skills and cultivate their interest in scientific research and technological innovation.

By showcasing various experimental videos in the metaverse exhibition, the aim is to stimulate the curiosity and exploration spirit of elementary school students, allowing them to develop a greater love for science. Through practical activities, students' curiosity about science is nurtured, and by integrating the metaverse platform, a combination of virtual and physical experiences, they can understand how digital technology further expands our virtual world.
The curriculum for this event is as follows:

1.Experience the metaverse
2.Introduction and production of cyanotype
3.Introduction and production of polarisations

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education


Science Cultivation

Type of event

Experimental Demonstrations


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The virtual and reality integration popular science activities held in Caotun Elementary School this time are divided into two areas: the introduction of the Yuan universe exhibition room and 10 hand -made small experiments.

In the introduction area of ??the Yuan Cosmic Exhibition Room, we introduced the concepts of the Yuan universe to the children and guided them to visit the virtual popular science exhibition room. By watching the popular science videos and actual operations in the exhibition room, the children learned more deeply about Yuan The concept and application of the universe. They especially like interactive movements and placement parts. In addition to the iPad for experience, volunteers also lend their mobile phones to children, so that other waiting children can participate in it. In observing, we found that compared with the virtual space of the Science and Technology Exhibition, children are more keen on social interaction with virtual characters. This is the most important part of the concept of the Yuan universe.

In the small experimental area of ??10 hands, the children performed very proactive. They carefully listened to volunteers' explanations of the experimental principles and operation methods, and enthusiastically asked questions, and were brave enough to experiment. Through actual operation and personal experience, the children understand the concepts and principles of science more deeply, and also cultivate their love for learning.

It is hoped that through the introduction of the Yuan universe and scientific implementation, it can arouse children's curiosity and enthusiasm for science. The activities not only lead them to have a deeper understanding of the Yuan universe, but also cultivate the ability of scientific thinking and solving problems. At the same time, it is hoped that they will also get a valuable learning experience in hand -made experiments, deepening their understanding and interest in science.

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