The 3rd GiCS Cybersecurity Girl Challenge

Highlights Science Communication
Event Date | 2023/03/08 - 2023/05/06 Address | Tainan

The \Cybersecurity Challenges\ will guide participants through online and physical obstacles, challenging them with cybersecurity issues related to the Internet of Things and smart applications. The \Creative Ideation Contest\ focuses on ideation around everyday life and information security-related topics, encouraging participants to propose problems and viable solutions. Judges will evaluate the creative scenarios of cybersecurity applications and their solution frameworks. The event is divided into two categories: \High School/Vocational\ and \College/University\ groups. Through diversified activity designs, the goal is to encourage student participation, cultivate their ability for innovative and independent thinking, and enhance their knowledge and skills in cybersecurity.

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Goal 4: Quality education


Science Cultivation

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National Science Council

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High school student/public


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2023 GICS's 3rd session of Zi An Nv Jiesi 3,067 domestic high school vocational and colleges and colleges registered. After the preliminary round, each group ranked the top 15 teams to advance to the final. In addition to the CTF level in the main field, the Zi'an Customs Finals, combined with the design related to the design of exhibits in the building to test the ability to solve the problem of the students; The team showed the creativity and favors of the experience of the concert to grab tickets and system robots, and the security problems that CHATGPT may generate through the performance of the drama.

At the same time, it has also further strengthened international exchanges and combined with corporate resources. For the first time, international students in France, Poland, Japan, India and other international students held friendly matches to interact with domestic students in China. The platform encourages students to participate in and experience the latest development of capital security and intelligent application technology. With constantly trying and contact, it has triggered interest in studying in the field of STEM.n

Number of Participants3,067

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