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Using Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology to Solve Pressing Global Issues

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Event Date | 2023/06/12 Address | 地點 Venue|Liang Guoshu International Conference Hall, National Taiwan University 臺大梁國樹國際會議廳

This session plans to enable participants to have a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence and #SustainabilityScience through cross-field discussions - expand the exchange of theory and practice with experts and scholars from other countries, and increase the competitiveness of the country and improve the academic status. Hope that through this session we can enhance the exchange and cooperation research opportunities between Taiwan and researchers from all over the world, and to expand the influence of our country's research.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Goal 13: Climate action


Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

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主辦 / Future Earth Taipei - Digital Age working group 協辦 / IYBSSDXTAIWAN、中央研究院 永續科學中心 Center for Sustainability Science

Academia Sinica

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Public participants



Dr. Dolly Chung 鐘鈺鈞 博士 (dolly0105@gate.sinica.edu.tw)

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Participants have a deeper understanding of the application of artificial intelligence and digital technology in solving global urgent issues. Through cross -domain discussions, they explored the potential of these technologies in the aspects of sustainable development and achieving sustainable development goals (SDGS).

Exchange theory and practical experience with experts and scholars from different countries provides valuable insights for sustainable development. Participants learned about successful cases and innovative methods in applying artificial intelligence and space -time information systems to achieve sustainable development.

It emphasizes the importance of cooperation and cooperation in research and development. The meeting promoted exchanges and cooperation with researchers in Taiwan and other countries. It has opened up ways for joint research projects, knowledge sharing, and mutual learning to improve the influence and effect of research results.

It emphasizes the role of community science in improving its research influence. Participants learned about the importance of cooperating with local communities and stakeholders during the research, using technology platforms for data collection and analysis, and promoting citizens to participate in solving global problems.

The meeting helps to enhance Taiwan's research influence and competitiveness in the fields of artificial intelligence, sustainable development science and digital technology. It has promoted international cooperation and partnerships, and positions Taiwan as a country that actively contribute to solving global urgent issues.

All in all, the meeting provided a platform for knowledge exchange, promoted cross -disciplinary dialogue, and strengthened the research network to promote the use of artificial intelligence and digital technologies to promote the solution of global urgent issues.

Number of Participants30

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