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Event Date | 2023/06/22 Address | Chiayi County

Let's all play science together. The Chiayi County Government is actively promoting science education. Since the year 111, it has been collaborating with National Chiayi University, Yong Qing High School, Zhuqi High School, and other nearby schools. Before the end of each semester, it combines the strengths of the most distinctive science venues in Chiayi County to organize enriching parent-child science activities for students and parents in the Chiayi area. This year is no exception. During the summer solstice and Dragon Boat Festival, on June 22nd, the \Thousand-Person Ice-Super Science\ event was held at the Space Education Hall in Beihui Second Hall. The event featured science challenges, cultural and creative markets, and hands-on science DIY activities, allowing families to have fun together. Through hands-on experiences, they can experience the joy of science, understand the principles related to daily life, and make science more approachable and enjoyable to learn.

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On the weekend closest to the summer solstice, June 22nd, in scorching hot weather, eating ice cream becomes the most beloved activity for both adults and children. On this day, the Chiayi County Government collaborated with Chiayi University and nearby high schools to organize the "[Super Science Ice Stirring for a Thousand People]" event at the front plaza of the Chiayi County Space Museum. Apart from being electricity-free, the most important aspect was the presence of over 30 science-related activities. Through hands-on operations, students learned to observe and understand that science is everywhere in daily life. Drawing attention to scientific phenomena and comprehending the underlying principles were the key takeaways.

As early as 9 AM, many parents were already queuing up with their children, ready to enter the event. Throughout the day, a total of 1850 science challenge passes were issued, and with accompanying parents, the total number of participants exceeded 4500 people. The science challenges covered a wide range of topics, many of which were related to basic science. For example, using a balloon to hold water and spinning it rapidly allowed participants to easily observe the impact of centrifugal force on water. Another popular challenge was the "Dragon Washbasin," an ancient Chinese washbasin made of pure copper. By rubbing the handles on both sides of the washbasin at a certain frequency, resonance was generated, creating a humming sound and splashing water. Through the participants' engagement with these challenges, the importance of basic science was successfully promoted.

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