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⟦ ⟡ ECR Sustainable Action Initiative ⟡ ⟧ 6/3 Explore the Ocean with Science Center

DATE | 2023/06/13
 ⟦ ⟡ ECR Sustainable Action Initiative ⟡ ⟧ 6/3 Explore the Ocean with Science Center cover image

#On-siteEvent #LimitedSeats▸ Marine Biodiversity Action: How to get involved?▸ Technology shaping humanity, creating a pristine blue ocean!▸ Visit the special exhibition "Earth's Pulse: Ecology and Art"▸ Operate a #SeaFighter model ????Event Date: June 3, 2023 (Saturday) 13:30 - 15:30Event Location: National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, Classroom F114(No. 367, Beining Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City)Registration:░ There will also be a market and various handicraft activities at the Science Center on that day.Everyone, including the elderly and children, is welcome to join! ░

The event successfully introduced and emphasized the significance of engaging in Future Earth activities. Participants had the opportunity to learn about ongoing research and initiatives focused on sustainable development and addressing environmental challenges. Esteemed speakers provided valuable insights into the importance of taking action to protect biodiversity and promote sustainability.

An intriguing highlight of the event was the operation of a model Azure Fighter. Attendees were able to actively participate and gain hands-on experience, symbolizing their commitment to environmental conservation and the creation of a pristine blue ocean. The Azure Fighter served as a representative tool, inspiring participants to contribute to ecological preservation efforts.

Participants were granted access to a special exhibition organized by Delta Electronics, titled "地球脈動中一生態與藝術" (Ecology and Art in the Earth's Pulse). This exhibition provided a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the interconnections between nature, art, and environmental conservation. Through captivating displays, it showcased artistic works inspired by Earth's ecosystems, underscoring the importance of preserving biodiversity through creative expression.

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