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Integration of Sustainable Curriculum Outcomes South District Presentation

DATE | 2023/06/13
Integration of Sustainable Curriculum Outcomes South District Presentation cover image

Solar Panel and Taiwan Sunlight Survey - Integration of Sustainable Curriculum Outcomes South District PresentationDate: June 8, 2023 (Thursday)Time: 09:00 AM to 12:30 PM (Registration begins at 08:30 AM)Venue: Multimedia Classroom, 4th floor, Science Building, Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Senior High SchoolAddress: No. 50, Jianguo 3rd Road, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung CityOfficial Document Reference: 11270444900Registration Link:

This presentation was part of the IYBSSD@TAIWAN project, in collaboration with the Chemistry Subject Center, aimed at exploring the application of solar cells and illuminance surveys in sustainable curriculum.

At the presentation, the Chemistry Subject Center invited several educational scholars in related fields to share their experiences and insights. Among them, the production and application of solar cells were discussed, which generated great interest among the audience. Additionally, the integration of illuminance surveys into sustainable curriculum was shared, and through student participation, students can gain a deeper understanding of environmental issues. They also shared their teaching experiences and achievements, emphasizing that through the integration of issues, students can become more aware of environmental issues and develop a sustainable development concept.

The entire presentation ended in a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere. Attendees expressed that this presentation has important implications for promoting and implementing sustainable education, and they hope to have more similar activities in the future to benefit more students and contribute to building a sustainable society.

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