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Science Communication: Scientific Narrative Power of Cross-domain Innovation

DATE | 2022/08/08
Taiwan responds to IYBSSD to promote public understanding of the inseparable relationship between basic science and sustainable development, and let the world see Taiwan's abundant basic science energy.

 Every eye-catching science game is a driftwood before children give up science; lively and interesting science popularization activities are a key to restart children's curiosity! Let us follow Professor Li Wanglong on the "Science Popularization Round-the-Island Train" and drive into remote villages; use simple and profound scientific stories to convey the power of social communication, and use "science communication" to cultivate the narrative power of citizens' scientific literacy. 

By sharing experiences in science dissemination and promotion of rural scientific research, it helps units in the fields of transportation and engineering to understand the current situation of remote rural scientific research. Use Chinese consultants and Youpu FB fans to spread the community.

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