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Science and Sustainability Train: An Amazing Visual Feast on a Journey of Knowledge!

DATE | 2023/02/20
Science and Sustainability Train: An Amazing Visual Feast on a Journey of Knowledge! cover image

The "Science Sustainability Train" is about to arrive at Taichung Station, and this exciting science event is definitely not to be missed! For anyone interested in the latest developments in science and sustainable development, this is a must-see event. Through interactive displays and informative presentations, the Science Sustainability Train offers an innovative showcase for learning about sustainability issues, basic science, and solving today's most urgent environmental challenges.

From environmental conservation, energy to agriculture, the Science Sustainability Train has it all. Visitors can explore exhibits on topics such as green transportation, smart cities, and recycling, and learn from the website's professional experts who compile information that is closer to science and makes science more applicable to everyday life.

Don't miss the chance to ride the "Science Sustainability Train" in Taichung. This is a science event that is sure to inspire and educate, and not to be missed!

The "Science x Sustainability" train event by IYBSSD @ TAIWAN is designed with the attitude of "rooting in science, sustaining Taiwan" to help users easily understand the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and promote global action for sustainable development through the goals of a better life.

In response to the "International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development" and to showcase the energy and achievements of basic research in Taiwan in sustainable development, the team invited various government agencies, academic institutions, and private organizations to launch multiple celebration events, focusing on scientific equality, scientific enlightenment, public participation, and international linkage. The series of "Science x Sustainability" activities aim to highlight Taiwan's achievements and efforts in basic research and sustainable development, raise awareness of sustainability-related issues, and promote understanding of the impact of basic science on life. It is hoped that after recognizing the importance of sustainable development, the public can take action to cherish the limited resources on Earth.

The "Science x Sustainability" train by IYBSSD @ TAIWAN is divided into four sustainable themes: nature, society, environment, and carbon footprint, reflecting the interdependence of all things on Earth. The Earth is our spaceship, and we must protect the oceans and forests in the face of change. Every step leaves a "carbon" footprint, and this four-theme design echoes various SDGs. A series of SDG stickers are designed based on the O2's (Otter) goals of a better life, hoping to lead everyone to root the awareness of "Science x Sustainability" in their daily lives.

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