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    Nov 2023


    In response to the United Nations' International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development (IYBSSD), co-hosted by the National Science Council and the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), and organized by National Taiwan Normal University, the Aerosol Research Center at National Sun Yat-sen University, Tunghai University,and the Science and Technology Museum, the Taiwan-US Sustainable Development and Artificial Intelligence Forum will take place on December 5th (Tuesday) and December 7th (Thursday)!

    Event Date: December 5, 2023 (Tuesday) 9:00-16:20 in Kaohsiung
    Event Date: December 7, 2023 (Thursday) 9:00-16:20 in Taichung
    Event Website:
    Live Streaming URL:
    This event invites scholars from Taiwan and the United States, industry professionals, and young students to explore the two hot topics of sustainable development and artificial intelligence. It aims to facilitate professional exchange and collaboration. Let's work together to make more contributions to sustainable development. Everyone is welcome to participate in the forum online!

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    Nov 2023

    3MinTalk4Science - Thinking Outside the Box Competition

    Welcome to join us for the day!!!

    We invite you to witness and share in the beginning of sustainability, with you!!!! Thinking Outside the Box!!! 3MinTalk4Science!!!!!

    3MinTalk4Science - Thinking Outside the Box Competition
    Finals, Poster Exhibition, and Award Ceremony: December 16, 2023
    Venue: National Taiwan University Library/International Conference Hall

    By fostering creativity, innovation, communication skills, storytelling abilities, imagination, and initiative—these five forces converge to boost confidence. With all these forces working together, we encourage you to think outside the box, turning your abilities into sustainable strengths for facing the future."

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    Oct 2023

    3minTalk4Science in Taiwan

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    Sep 2023

    3MinTalk4Science-Thinking Outside the Box Competition

    Because science is fascinating!
    Because creativity holds wonders!
    Because English connects us internationally!
    Because communication reaches beyond borders!
    Because sustainability carries meaning!
    So, we invite you to participate in the 'Three-Minute English Science Innovation Challenge.'
    3MinTalk4Science: Thinking Outside the Box Competition
    Actually, it's because the competition offers prizes, allows for participant interaction, and lets everyone discover your unique creativity!
    High school students, whether individually or in teams, are all welcome to participate, and cross-school teams are encouraged too!
    We not only encourage students but also welcome visionary high school teachers who have a passion for English and sustainable science development to inspire and involve students. Teaching and learning go hand in hand! It's our personal wish, and of course, it helps students connect with the international community! ????????????
    The competition offers a top group prize of 45,000, an individual first prize of 35,000, and team advisors can win up to 10,000 for their guidance. Making it to the finals through the preliminary round is an affirmation, and completing the competition with distinction is an encouragement! ????????????
    There are also awards for audience choice, best creativity, and best poster, and we're eagerly awaiting you at the grand finals! IYBSSD-3mT4S, ready for your challenge!
    ???? Registration and preliminary round: October 1 - November 7, 2023
    ???? Finals, poster exhibition, and award ceremony: December 16, 2023
    ???? Venue: National Taiwan University Library/International Conference Hall
    IYBSSD-3mT4S official website:
    For more details, please refer to the brochure link:

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    Sep 2023

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    Aug 2023

    The Unique Wonders of America's College Towns

    American Spaces Taiwan, in cooperation with the U.S. Speaker Program under the guidance of Department of State, has invited Mr. Dylan Thuras, Co-Founder of Atlas Obscura and Host of the “Small Town, Big Story” Series on GoUSA TV, to share some of the unique college towns in the United States. This program aims to help internationaleducation professionals and faculty to get to know America’s diverse university environments so that they can provide guidance to their students who would like to pursue further education in the United States. This program will also help students to learn the uniqueness of American college town culture and understand diverse choices they can have when it comes to studying in the United States. 美國講者U.S. Speaker:Dylan Thuras,美國線上旅遊雜誌-Atlas Obscura共同創辦人、 GoUSA TV YouTube頻道-小城大故事系列節目主持人目標觀眾:1) 從事高中、大學生升學規劃或生涯輔導之教師與專業人士,及2) 有意赴美深造之學生活動時間:2023年9月15日 上午10:00-12:00活動語言:將以英文/English進行、簡報資料將以中英文雙語提供、可使用中文提問。活動議程: 10:00-10:03 開場致詞 Opening Remarks 10:03-10:05 大合照 Group Photos 10:05-11:00 美國大學城之旅 The Unique Wonders of America's College Towns 11:00-11:30 交流問答 Q&A 11:30-12:00 留學美國大解密 Study in America (with Darian, AIT留學美國顧問)
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    Aug 2023

    Three-Minute Talk For Science Innovation English Short Talk Teacher Workshop

    ???????????????? Three-Minute Talk For Science Innovation English Short Talk Teacher Workshop

    【Master the Key Techniques of Bilingual Short Talk Instruction in Three Minutes】Enhance your presentation, summarization, communication, motivation, and critical thinking skills all at once, turning your valuable time into effectiveness. Join us and be inspired by the power of sustainability.

    【Instructor Profiles】????Dr. Shao-Pin Lin, Director of Biotechnology Research Institute, National Taiwan University.????Prof. Jen-Chih Chen, Biotechnology Research Institute, National Taiwan University.????Assistant  Prof. Chu-Chia Hsu, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Longhua University of Science and Technology.????Lecturer Chih-Jou Hu, Writing Teaching Center, National Taiwan University.

    Target Audience: In-service natural science teachers from senior high schools, junior high schools, and teachers with a background in science and engineering from universities are all welcome to register.

    【Workshop Dates】Only three sessions nationwide, with a maximum of 50 participants per session (no additional sessions once full).????Northern Region / National Taipei University of Education Affiliated Senior High School - Xinmin Building 2nd Floor, Multipurpose Classroom: September 16th (Saturday).????Central Region / National Public Library 3rd Floor, Multifunctional Learning Room: October 21st (Saturday).????Southern Region / Tainan First Senior High School - Science Education Building, First AV Classroom: October 14th (Saturday).

    Registration Link:

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    Jul 2023

    FORMOSA Science Exploration Camp

    In recent years, awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation and carbon reduction has been on the rise. The world is actively promoting the development of green energy. To assist in promoting scientific education domestically, the FORMOSA Science Exploration Camp is organized to help students learn the methods of inquiry and hands-on exploration. Through this program, students can gain a deeper understanding of green energy and enrich their learning experiences. The aim is to encourage young learners to engage in scientific research and promote the popularization of science education.

    National Huwei University of Science and Technology, in collaboration with National Huwei High School, is committed to serving the community and nurturing future technology leaders. They are actively promoting various science camps and leveraging the unique Science Exploration Hall at Huwei High School, combined with university resources.

    A group of university professors and Huwei High School teachers have carefully designed activities that integrate basic scientific knowledge taught at the junior high level with readily available materials from daily life and modern emerging technologies. Following the success of the "Far-sighted Formosa Plastics Science Camp" with over 600 elementary school students, the exclusive "FORMOSA Science Exploration Camp" for junior high school students is now here! This summer, in collaboration with Formosa Plastics Corporation, National Huwei University of Science and Technology, and Huwei High School are organizing the "FORMOSA Science Exploration Camp" to promote scientific education. The event aims to encourage more students to explore science together. The entire event is sponsored by Formosa Plastics Corporation, and participation is free of charge!

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    Jul 2023

    Rooted in Science, Sustainable Taiwan -- In response to the United Nations' "International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development" and the "Science × Sustainability" train, four major sustainable issues: Nature, Society, Environment, and Carbon Footprint are presented on the painted train carriages to promote the understanding of the inseparable connection between basic science and sustainable development. To implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in people's lives, the United Nations and its partner organizations further collaborate to launch the "Good Life Goals" handbook (, which outlines specific individual actions for the 17 SDGs. Let Euro Rabbit (O2) accompany you in achieving these 17 Good Life Goals and safeguarding the Earth towards a better and sustainable future!

    Take Euro home
    The following are the 17 "Good Life Goals":

    SDG1 | Help End Poverty

    Good Life Goal 1: Help end poverty.

    How can I do this?

    Understand the causes of poverty both domestically and internationally.
    Share and donate as much as you can.
    Prioritize businesses that offer fair wages.
    Manage savings, loans, and investments responsibly.
    Advocate for fair wages and opportunities.
    SDG2 | Eat Better

    Good Life Goal 2: Pursue better eating habits.

    How can I do this?

    Understand the production process of crops.
    Consume more fruits and vegetables.
    Purchase locally-produced, seasonal, and fair trade food.
    Support healthy eating for children, the elderly, and pregnant women.
    Advocate for the elimination of global hunger.
    SDG3 | Stay Well

    Good Life Goal 3: Maintain health and happiness.

    How can I do this?

    Understand and share methods to maintain good health.
    Regularly wash hands and engage in physical activity.
    Pay attention to traffic safety.
    Focus on mental well-being.
    Advocate for universal healthcare and vaccinations for all.
    SDG4 | Learn and Teach

    Good Life Goal 4: Education and learning.

    How can I do this?

    Engage in lifelong learning.
    Teach children to treat others with kindness.
    Assist children in their studies.
    Support teachers and keep schools open.
    Defend the right to education for all.
    SDG5 | Treat Everyone Equally

    Good Life Goal 5: Treat everyone equally.

    How can I do this?

    Learn and share ways to prevent gender discrimination.
    Teach children about equality.
    Respect and care for those who take care of families.
    Support reproductive rights.
    Oppose violence against women.
    SDG6 | Save Water

    Good Life Goal 6: Conserve water.

    How can I do this?

    Understand the importance of clean water resources.
    Avoid flushing garbage and toxic chemicals into the sewer system.
    Report leaks promptly.
    Conserve water while brushing, bathing, and cleaning.
    Defend the right of all to have access to clean water and toilets.
    SDG7 | Use Clean Energy

    Good Life Goal 7: Use clean energy.

    How can I do this?

    Understand the sources of your energy consumption.
    Strive to conserve energy as much as possible.
    Use renewable energy for heating, lighting, and power.
    Prioritize businesses that use renewable energy.
    Demand accessible and affordable clean energy for all.
    SDG8 | Do Good Work

    Good Life Goal 8: Engage in suitable work.

    How can I do this?

    Learn family financial management skills.
    Demand a safe working environment.
    Ensure that products are not produced through exploitation.
    Support local businesses.
    Defend the right to work for everyone.
    SDG9 | Make Smart Choices

    Good Life Goal 9: Make smart choices.

    How can I do this?

    Understand the country's development plans.
    Maintain wisdom and friendliness on the internet.
    Support projects that benefit people and the environment.
    Support innovations that make the world a better place.
    Demand that everyone shares the benefits of progress.
    SDG10 | Be Fair

    Good Life Goal 10: Stay fair.

    How can I do this?

    Be open-minded, listen to others, and learn from them.
    Support leaders advocating for equal rights.
    Protect and embrace vulnerable groups.
    Choose honest tax-paying and equal-friendly businesses.
    Defend the rights of yourself and others.
    SDG11 | Love Where You Live

    Good Life Goal 11: Love where you live.

    How can I do this?

    Understand and participate in local decision-making.
    Be well-prepared for disasters.
    Get to know your neighbors and welcome new residents.
    Protect animals, plants, and the natural environment.
    Demand safe and high-quality public transportation.
    SDG12 | Live Better

    Good Life Goal 12: Live better.

    How can I do this?

    Understand sustainable development.
    Reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, and share items.
    Minimize food waste and properly manage kitchen waste.
    Make friends and accumulate experiences, rather than accumulating material possessions.
    Demand that businesses respect people and the environment.
    SDG13 | Act On Climate

    Good Life Goal 13: Take climate action.

    How can I do this?

    Understand strategies to address climate change.
    Call for more renewable energy use by countries.
    Consume more vegetables and less meat.
    Use walking and cycling instead of driving when possible.
    Demand leaders to take decisive actions against climate change.
    SDG14 | Clean Our Seas

    Good Life Goal 14: Clean our seas.

    How can I do this?

    Understand marine ecology.
    Remember that trash eventually flows into the ocean.
    Refuse unnecessary plastic products.
    Purchase seafood produced according to sustainable principles.
    Demand leaders to put an end to marine pollution.
    SDG15 | Love Nature

    Good Life Goal 15: Love nature.

    How can I do this?

    Explore the wonders of nature.
    Conserve native plants and animals.
    Refuse to purchase products made from endangered wildlife and plants.
    Support businesses that conserve and restore nature.
    Speak up for threatened forests and ecosystems.
    SDG16 | Make Peace

    Good Life Goal 16: Promote peace.

    How can I do this?

    Understand and exercise your rights reasonably.
    Maintain friendliness and tolerance.
    Resist corruption and abuse of power.
    Support social assistance organizations.
    Defend fairness and peace.
    SDG17 | Come Together

    Good Life Goal 17: Come together.

    How can I do this?

    Understand and share the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.
    Support those who bring us together.
    Cherish the progress we've made through our efforts.
    Actively engage in community affairs.
    Collaborate to achieve a better tomorrow.

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    Jul 2023

    National Museum of Natural Science - Geological Forum Series

    Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park is turning 10 years old this year!We are about to unveil the heart of the park layer by layer.\Geological Forum Series/Taiwan is located in a tectonic plate boundary and has experienced erosion from typhoons, heavy rains, and other natural forces, resulting in unique geological landscapes. This event will guide everyone to understand the Chelungpu Fault, active faults, excavations in the Zhushan trench, and the impact of seismic extension disasters.The first video premiere will take us on a nostalgic journey, drawing the boundaries of the Taiwan plate and listening to the heartbeat of Taiwan through the words of Professor Antoine Sébrier, the first Frenchman to do so. We have also invited numerous experts and scholars to deliver exciting lectures, sharing the past, present, and future of the Chelungpu Fault.????

    Date|7/15 (Sat) 14:00-16:30 (Video Premiere);7/29 (Sat), 8/5 (Sat), 8/12 (Sat), 8/19 (Sat), 8/26 (Sat) 14:00-16:00 (Master Lectures)Target Audience|General publicFee|FreeContact|049-2623108 #123 Mr. Wang, #124 Mr. Chen, #128 Ms. ChenRegistration|

    #National Museum of Natural ScienceTarget Audience: General publicActivity Fee: Free (excluding admission ticket)Contact Number: 049-2623108 #123 Mr. Wang, #124 Mr. Chen, #128 Ms. ChenVideo PremiereDate: July 15th (Sat) 14:00-16:30Venue: Multi-purpose Theater, Hall of Life ScienceMaster LecturesVenue: Lecture Hall, Basement 1, Science CenterJuly 29th (Sat) 14:00-16:00The Birth of Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park - Construction ExperienceAugust 5th (Sat) 14:00-16:00Fault Preservation in Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park - Deep Drilling ProjectAugust 12th (Sat) 14:00-16:00Characteristics of Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park - Active Faults in TaiwanAugust 19th (Sat) 14:00-16:00Predecessor of Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park - Secrets of Excavating the Zhushan Fault TrenchAugust 26th (Sat) 14:00-16:00Significance of Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park - Secondary Disasters, Extended Effects of the 921 Earthquake, and Debris Flows from Typhoon Toraji

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