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Future Earth Taipei - Early Career Researcher - Sustainability Science - Speech [短講#16]

International Connections
Event Date | 2022/09/01 Address |

Dr. Min-Hao Yuan's research group has developed a simultaneous de-PM and de-VOC technology for cooking-oil fume (COF) purification by high-gravity rotating packed bed (HiGee RPB) towards a circular economy to fulfill the unmet need for the COF control market. The proposed technology integrates a circular-economic type deodorant and HiGee RPB. The deodorant consists of green formula for increasing the scrubbing efficiency via emulsification, neutralization, catalysis and absorption. Also, it can be used as emulsifier for reducing air pollutant emission by emulsification of heavy-oil for a boiler. Therefore, the waste scrubbing solution can be reused as the heavy-oil emulsifier towards a circular economy. Since August 2019, the developed deodorant sample has reached 2000 kg by more than 200 order shipping from catering & restaurants, coffee roasting, and laser cutting industries. The group is dedicated to creating business barrier and increasing market competition by performance validation and technology landing. The HiGee RPB generates a high-gravity field for intensification of mass transfer and micromixing between liquid and gas phases. It possesses smaller equipment size and shorter contact time while achieving performance similar to that of a conventional wet scrubber and has the better PM2.5 removal efficiency. The group has launched the proposed technology to four operation sites for COF purification tests to amplify word-of-mouth marketing. The goal is to provide a total solution for COF purification in Taiwan and East Asian countries creating the win-win-win partnership for public, government and corporates in the nearest future.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 3: Good health and well-being Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions


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Dr. Min-Hao Yuan Introiduced a Simultaneous de-PM and de-Voc Technology for Cooking-Oil Fume (COF) Purification by High-Gravity Rotating Bed (HIG ee RPB) TOWARDS A CIRCULAR ECONOMY to Fulfill The Unmet Need for the Cof Control Market. Dr. Yuan's Research on de-PM and de-Voc Technology for Cooking-Oil Fume (COF) Purification is to Find Effective and Cost-Efficient Solutions for Cor Cor Poraate and to help with the public health.

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