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What do chemists do in the laboratory? Whenever \chemistry\ is mentioned in daily life, it seems to be associated with unhealthy and harmful labels. How can we use chemistry to make life more reassuring? This event will start with daily life, and explore chemistry in everyday life. We will also decode food safety messages and introduce food additives. Finally, through hands-on experiments, we will understand the process of oxidation-reduction and the role that chemists play in circular technology and sustainable resources.

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Science Education Center at National Central University

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Thanks to the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Chemistry of Central University, Mr. Xie Fa Kun, Teacher Gao Xianming, and Teacher Liao Kangzhen brought a wonderful day of life chemist activities today. This event responded to the United Nations' "IYBSSD2022) in the United Nations.n"Chemistry" has long been separated from traditional toxic and harmful images, because chemistry is around in life. Even the mechanism of cell operation in the organism mainly depends on chemical reactions. Immediately after that, Gao Xianming took out the OTO residual chlorine test solution. The solution that originally contacted the chlorine qi tap water was pale yellow. As soon as it was thrown into the Bara, it turned into transparency instantly, symbolizing that the residual chlorine had been eliminated. But then the teacher put his hand in another cup of water, and it even showed that all the residual chlorine disappeared. The good danger teacher quickly added that because there were a lot of bacteria on everyone's skin, the chlorine was sterilized!nThe afternoon finale activity is a half -day experimental activity. After the high school students who first entered the university laboratory carefully talked about the basic codes of the laboratory, a color change magic show was staged here.nToday, it is on the experimental table. The derived salt compound. As the metal ion is different, the absorption spectrum of the dislocated compound will be different. Therefore Mistakes with nickel.nStudents knew the experimental equipment in front of them, and mixed the solution step by step and deployed the teaching assistant. Finally, in front of everyone's eyes, with the different solutions added, the test tube columns presenting gradient colors are really beautiful!

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