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Moving the biology class (ecology) outside of the classroom

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/10/19 Address | Pingtung

Moving the biology class (ecology) outside of the classroom has the immediate goal of not only attracting students' attention and increasing their learning interest, but also through experiential learning, allowing students to actually experience the living environment in the teaching process. By \learning by doing,\ students deepen their understanding of the content in the textbook and accumulate knowledge of ecology. Leaving the classroom (turning off lights, fans, and air conditioning) also achieves the goal of \carbon reduction and green teaching.\ The mid-term goal responds to the 2022 \International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development IYBSSD-Taiwan Series Promotion Activities,\ which aims to enhance the public's understanding of the close connection between basic science and sustainable development and demonstrate Taiwan's abundant basic science energy to the international community. The long-term goal echoes the highly prioritized items of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2030: conservation of terrestrial ecology and education on clean water and sanitation. The teaching objectives are as follows:

Allow students to understand the common biodiversity in campus and living environment, as well as relevant knowledge of ecological conservation.
Enable students to learn how to make portable smartphone microscopes and simple hydrometers, which can be used anytime in daily life.
Lead students out of the classroom to observe the world of life from 0 to 400 times magnification, and understand the relationship between clean water and sanitation.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation Goal 14: Life below water Goal 15: Life on land


Science Cultivation

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Experimental Demonstrations


Darren College of Technology

Department of Pharmacy

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Preshool to high school students


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Moving biological lessons (ecology) to the classroom, in addition to attracting students' attention and improving their learning interests; and learning through action, let students experience the living environment from the teaching process, and "do middle schools" to "do middle schools" Deepen the understanding of the textbook content and accumulate its ecological knowledge; it also achieves the purpose of "carbon reduction green teaching" because of leaving the classroom (turning off the lights and turning the electric fans). The medium-range target response in 2022 "Basic Science Promoting the Sustainable Development International Year IYBSSD-Taiwan Series Promotion Activities"; energy. Remote targets echo the high priority project in the UN Sustainable Development Objective (SDGS) in 2030: conservation of land ecology and water hydrogen health education. The teaching goals that are intended to achieve are as follows:n1. Let students recognize the common biodiversity of campus and living environment, as well as related knowledge of ecological conservation.n2. Let students learn to make a portable mobile phone microscope and a simple proportion, which can be used in life at any time.n3. Lead students out of the classroom to observe the life world of 0 to 400 times to understand the connection between water purification and hygiene.

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