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Indigenous Culture Camp and 2022 Xing Elementary School Summer Science Camp

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/08/08 - 2022/08/10 Address | Kaohsiung

\Indigenous Culture Camp and 2022 Xing Elementary School Summer Science Camp / Since 2020, the \Sea of Dreams in the Wild\ team from Kaohsiung High School has set up camp at Xing Elementary School in Taoyuan District, Kaohsiung City, to hold a fun-filled science camp for local students, in line with the goal of \SDG4 - Quality Education.\ The team aims to design activities that combine science with laughter, allowing children to learn while having fun. At the same time, they recognize that the regular education model, which is centered around Han Chinese culture, may not be entirely suitable for indigenous children. Therefore, they continuously rethink their curriculum for each camp period, with a focus on providing \useful\ knowledge and bringing innovative content to the children.\

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 2: Zero hunger Goal 3: Good health and well-being Goal 4: Quality education Goal 5: Gender equality Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation Goal 10: Reduced inequality Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production Goal 13: Climate action Goal 14: Life below water Goal 15: Life on land Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


Science for All、Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

Type of event

Experimental Demonstrations


National Pingtung University Department of Science Communication.

Event Audience

Elementary school students.


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In 2020, COVID-19 brought unspeakable pain in the world. The diagnosis cases were as high as 10 million, and millions of people died unfortunately. However, on weekdays, the lively and prosperous urban suburbs on weekdays, the scope of activities of the second blockade of the epidemic allows nature to get gasp for nature. The sky reproduces the blue, the river water returns to clear, and the footprint of the animals around the city. When nature briefly reproduces the vigorous appearance of the vitality, people can't help but think: After the epidemic is over, can humans be inspired by this and pay more attention to the ecological environment. , Coexist with the natural world, or go back to the world where it destroys nature, depleted resources, develops first, and allows the earth to enter the world with the end of the day?nAccording to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (2013) estimates, about 1.3 billion tons of food will be thrown around the world every year, accounting for one -third of our total grain planting. In poor countries, most food waste appears in the farm or is transported to the market; but in rich countries, 40%of food waste is due to consumers discard.nWe believe that instead of standing in the podium endlessly to tell the law to convey all kinds of knowledge to the children, it is better to integrate the elements of inquiry and implementation in the course. Through the process of constructing The continuity of the teaching effect will also be better than the knowledge content that will be forgotten after a period of time. I hope that after this course, knowledge will no longer only exist in books and test papers for children, but can actually be applied to life.

Number of Participants80

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