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2022 North Hualien Science Festival - Seed Workshop

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/11/11 Address |

This project aims to hold the \2022 8th National Science Week in Hualien - North Hualien\ event, with reference to the successful experiences of continuous events in Changhua County since 2008 and Hualien County since 2015. Through inquiry-based, hands-on, teaching and cooperative learning, this project aims to promote K-12 students' interest in science learning and generate echoes between schools. Since the first National Science Week was held in May 2015, the Hualien County Government has made it one of the annual key projects, covering the north Hualien region (north of Fenglin Town).

This activity is mainly aimed at K-12 school graduates, and during the graduation season, a time point is designed to hold a science education activity to feedback their alma mater's cultivation of affection. With the cooperation of various colleges of National Dong Hwa University, Hualien County Government Education Department, Nature Counseling Group, and Environmental Education Counseling Group, an executive committee is established every year to apply for funds, connect with the IYNT International Natural Science Competition, set themes, select teaching materials, hold teaching material workshops, train K-12 seed school teachers and students, assist schools in preparing campus activities, and hold inter-school science pop-up train station activities to achieve the goal of training interested school teachers to lead graduating students in designing science exhibitions and hands-on activities to provide younger students with opportunities to visit and learn. Starting with science as a starting point, graduates express their nostalgia and gratitude to their alma mater. Through this activity, we hope to cultivate K-12 students' hands-on science literacy, develop science teaching materials that can be integrated into the curriculum, and improve the quality and effectiveness of the National Science Week series. For students in non-seed schools, hands-on courses are provided either in school or at National Dong Hwa University to promote the \Biomimicry and Environment\ theme.

This project covers two main axes - \North Hualien National Science Week and Taiwan Science Pop-up Train\ and \Biomimicry and Environment\. Through the practical applications of basic science (physics, chemistry, biology) and applied science (biomimicry, environmental education), this project aims to deepen Hualien's science popularization activities and guide learners (students, teachers, and the public) to understand the connection between technology and life, in order to achieve the project's goal of building up local teachers, students, and citizens' science literacy.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 10: Reduced inequality


Science for All、Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

Type of event


Experimental Demonstrations


Event Audience

Elementary school students.


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2022/11/11 North Hualien National Science Zhou Hualien County Fengli Elementary SchoolnThe workshop team visits the National Science Week Seed School and participate in scientific breakthroughs+hands -on experience DIY.n"Xu me a colorful light": Through simple hands. Introduce the beautiful aurora phenomenon of the north and south poles on the earth, and lead students to use homemade LED simulation aurication phenomena, and use the simulated aurora to understand the straight line, the principle of manfunning, and the principle of infinite reflection.n"Tape Tape Sticker": Lead students to use paper polarized glasses to simulate the effectiveness of color glass. Through the tape, stickers, and obliquely paste on one of the polarized lenses, and then overlap the other lens, place it on the sun or light You can see the beautiful color glass imaging and observe the changes in the imaging of the lens.n"Maintenance": Using DIY's paper subtitrals and laser pens to explain the second reflection principle of the secondary reflection of the subtastic mirror, and let students take turns to operate actual operations.n"VR virtual reality": Simply explain the principle of VR virtual reality, allow students to wear headhots, watch VR videos online on mobile phones, and actually perform VR virtual reality experience.n"Mixed Color of Light": Use LED lights and fiber to allow students to observe the wavelength of different colors and the color changes of the color mixing and match.n"The Secret of Sunshine": Use the black box to let students observe what color changes will be seen in red and blue light; use red and blue glass paper to make simple 3D glasses, watch the 3D plane figures on the tablet, and then produce three -dimensional 3D 3D Imagination.n

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