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Teacher Environment Sustainable Development Education Capacity Enhancement Workshop

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Event Date | 2023/03/29 Address | New Taipei City

Teacher Environment Sustainable Development Education Capacity Enhancement Workshop
Located in Ji-Qing Elementary School in Ruifang District, New Taipei City, the school has achieved excellent results in promoting environmental education, and was awarded the 8th National Environmental Education Award in 2022. To further enhance teachers' understanding of the SDGs in the process of education and learning, sustainable development education is integrated into the teaching curriculum, and a series of workshops on environmental sustainable development education capacity enhancement are held, with the theme of SDGs' content and teaching application as the focus.

During the workshop, based on the curriculum development status and characteristics of Ji-Qing Elementary School, the evolution of international sustainable development goals was explained, and the issue of energy management from the industrial revolution to the present was illustrated using climate change as an example. Through the development of the five elements of SDGs 5P - People: vulnerable groups and gender equality, Prosperity: benign cycle of social progress and technological innovation, Planet: climate change and carbon neutrality, Peace: humanitarian security and fairness and justice, Partnership: education system resource linkage and cooperation, etc., attention was given to issues such as human beings, the earth, food crisis, and feasible implementation plans for school education were explored.

The workshop also introduced the content of SDGs 1 to 17 and the connection with green campus life. It is hoped that by enhancing the sustainable development education literacy of school teachers, education can not only transmit knowledge but also expand the content of sustainable development goals, cultivate students to view the world's environmental changes, shared society, and economic development from a macro perspective.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 13: Climate action Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

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National Taiwan Normal University Center for Sustainable Development

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This study is based on the connotation of SDGS and the application of teaching applications. With the current status and characteristics of the course development of Jiqing Elementary School, it will illustrate the evolution of international sustainable development goals. It also develops five major elements of 5P through SDGS, PeOOPLE humans: vulnerable ethnic groups and gender equality, Prosperity prosperity: a virtuous circle of social progress and technological innovation, Planet Earth: climate change and carbon neutralization, Peace peace: humanitarian security and fairness and justice, Partnership partnership: The education system resources are combined to pay attention to issues such as human, the earth, and the grain crisis and discuss the feasible implementation plan of school education. Introduce the connotation of SDGS1 to 17 indicators and the connection between the life of green campus. In the future, the educational literacy of school teachers can be improved, so that education can not only be taught by knowledge, but can expand the connotation of sustainable development goals. Participating in the study teacher incorporated the sustainable development goals into the teaching course, especially the SDG target 4 high -quality education, SDG12 responsible for consumption, and SDG target 13 climate change. Sharing social and economic development issues, and then have the ability to face and deal with the trend of the future world.

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