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Workshop on Food and Agriculture Education and Sustainable Development

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Event Date | 2023/04/17 Address | Sancai Lingzhi Ecological Farm in Shiding District,

The event invites local community members, principals and teachers of junior high and elementary schools, experts in the field of sustainable development education, and personnel from educational institutions to participate. It is held at the Sancai Lingzhi Ecological Farm in Shiding District, which was once the core area of coal mining. The 18 Zhongxi River flows through this area, and the rich natural environment is influenced by climatic factors and geographical environment. Through this workshop, in addition to helping to use the ecological environment of the farm to achieve a friendly environment, the unique mushroom materials on the farm will also be used to transform the cooking process from the farm to the table into an explanatory course for food and agriculture education. This will help promote the sustainable agriculture concept in terms of agriculture, environment, production, and health, and achieve the goal of sustainable development education.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 3: Good health and well-being Goal 4: Quality education Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


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National Taiwan Normal University Center for Sustainable Development

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This workshop is specially selected in the Sancai Ganoderma ecological farm in Shizhen District. Here is the core area of ??the old coal mine. At the field, you can learn about the local environmental characteristics on the spot. Through the local agricultural promoters, principals, teachers, environmental education experts, educational institutions and other units participating and sharing experience, farm production characteristics, friendly environment, planting management, diet healthy food health Safety and other elements links, designing farmers' education and teaching courses, such as knowing the origin and change of the development of Wenshan Coal Mine as the origin and change of the development of coal mine settlements, to learn how to protect the natural ecological environment with fireflies inhabiting the ecological environment, and the friendly land of mushrooms and farmers. The lesson plans can enable the interactive cooperation learning relationship with each other in the local community and neighboring schools, and promote the achievements of SDG3 health promotion, SDG4 high -quality education, and SDG17 partnerships on sustainable development goals.

Number of Participants20

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