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2023 ECRs in Sustainability Science┃#Actions_for_the_Ocean

Event Date | 2023/05/30 Address | Webex

The \#AzureFighter\ is a remote-controlled prototype catamaran measuring 3.8 meters that can pick up floating garbage in water environments. The international community is seeing rapid growth in technology for cleaning up marine litter, yet there is limited information available to the public.
▸▸▸ Our research sheds light on the efficiency of #GarbageCollection, provides a breakdown of garbage composition, examines stakeholder perspectives on the cleanup effort and also the policy challenges we have faced. We believe that preventing debris from entering the ocean requires not only #InnovativeTechnology but also collaboration with #stakeholders.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation Goal 13: Climate action


Science Cultivation、Public Engagement、International Connections

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- ECR working group

Future Earth Taipei - Future Earth Taipei Hub - IYBSSDXTAIWAN - 中央研究院 永續科學中心 Center for Sustainability Science

Academia Sinica

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Dr. Dolly Chung 鐘鈺鈞 博士 (

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nThe seminar discussed the impact of plastic and other garbage on the marine ecosystem, and emphasized the necessity of solving the effective strategy of this problem. The Azure Alliance team shared their experience, from the initial idea of ??cleaning up marine garbage to the technology they developed- "Azure Fighter". They discussed the challenges of traditional garbage collection methods and the limitations of existing technology.

Improvement of marine garbage removal rate: The speaker discussed the progress of removing marine garbage in the northern part of Taiwan. They emphasized that the removal rate has increased significantly in the past few years, almost 29 times that of almost three years ago. This progress is due to the hard work and dedication of the team members.

Participate in cooperation and interests: The speaker emphasized the importance of cooperation and communication with stakeholders in solving marine garbage problems. They mentioned cooperation with different companies to clean the beach and work hard to interact with the local community through public education and communication. The speaker emphasized that local residents and stakeholders' attention to marine garbage has increased and expressed their willingness to cooperate.

Environmental impact and consciousness: The speaker shared the interview results on local residents, revealing the change of attitude and increasing attention to marine garbage issues. At first, some residents expressed their indifference to the importance of marine garbage and attributed them to natural factors. However, after witnessing the efforts and results of the project, residents showed their curiosity, attention, and responsibility on marine garbage and their ecological impact.

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